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Overhead crane

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Aluminum light crane system offers smoother running,meanwhile more pleasant and healthy operation for your staffs.Its running behavior is optimized through aluminum track and reinforced double nylon trolley wheels.The rolling resistant  of  wheel is 0.25%.

XY cranes can be roof mounted when needs to eliminate interference from support columns and roof self is capable of bearing the weight of crane and load.


1 Ergonomics:
Light rails means users can very easily and effortlessly handle heavy and cumbersome loads.
2 Economical:
Using an aluminium profile also reduces the cost of supporting structures as it is two lighter than its steel equivalent.Allow manual operation where less advanced systems would require costly motorization.
3 Modular:

Splices between lengths of rail are bolted together without gaps. You won't feel a bump when our trolleys move over a splice.
4 Anti-corrosion:
The aluminium profiles are externally and internally anodized for corrosion resistance.
5 Safety:
The beam is guaranteed without welding.



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