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Companies came to us when they already had problems and the sick leave numbers had begun to rise. Today, they have a better knowledge of how important an ergonomic work environment is for both employees and for a disturbance-free production and it is therefore often planned for this already before the workstation is in place and in operation.

The light crane systems have been designed for maximum strength and torsional rigidity combined with a very low tare weight, making a very easy-to-use and ergonomic traverse system. The starting force as well as rolling resistance the operator experiences during handling is lowered at most.
Aluminum workstation crane is suitable for work cells in production lines.Is a good choice for repetitive material handling work.
Compared to steel profiles light crane,aluminum profiles features more light weight and lower rolling resistance.

1 Ergonomics:
It is not only extremely light but provides also easy and smooth travelling movement with low hand force.
Minimal physical effort means better ergonomics and better safety.
2 Economical:
Using an aluminium profile also reduces the cost of supporting structures .Lighter than steel by about 50%, the crane gives less rolling resistance compared to equivalent steel systems.
3 Anti-corrosion:
The aluminium profiles are externally and internally anodized for corrosion resistance.
4 Safety:
Aluminium track profiles are cut to length, with bolt connections that make installation much easier, faster and safer than
systems that require welding.


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