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Overhead crane

versions of aluminum light crane

Versions of aluminum workstation crane
Aluminum workstation crane is an efficient and ergonomic light crane system.Popular in material handling work.
Aluminum workstation crane offers pleasant and safe operation for the workers.
High satisfication and attendance rate will be expected by using aluminum light crane.

As a leading manufacturer of aluminum rail and accessories for workstation crane.We offer various version for your differential working need.
Here is a picture of our show room
1 Monorail aluminumm workstation crane

2 XY rail or single girder aluminum workstation crane

3 XY rail in double girders or double bridges aluminum workstation crane

4 Close loop aluminum workstation crane

5 Telescopic aluminum workstation crane

6 Elevated aluminum workstation crane or raised up aluminum workstation crane

7 Reinforced rail for heavy duty or large span bridge

Aluminum profiles optional

1 Straight rail:Four sizes A-105 A-140 A-180 A-220

2 Curved rail:Four sizes A-105 A-140 A-180 A-220

3 Reinforcement rail





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