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Ergonomic articulated jib crane installed in Seimens of Chin

Ergonomic articulated jib crane with intelligent hoist was installed in automation workshop of Seimens,China.
Articulated jib crane features better covering of work area and better access to load.
intelligent hoist features servo drive motor , variable speed through sensor in handle and balance mode for zero gravity.
Crane height and working radius are tailored.
Parametres of intelligent hoist are as following.
Model Ai-300
Rated capacity 300kg
max lifting speed with no load 15m/min
max lifting speed with full load 13m/min
max lifting speed in float mode 11m/min
Max lifting range 3.5m
Standard lifting range 2.5m
Voltage 220v
max. Current 10A
Load cycle level H5
Motor power 1.3KW
Temperature range -10 to + 50℃
humidity range 35-90%





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